STAR Funding, founded in 1999, offers the most cost-effective factoring and PO funding services. Located in Midtown NYC, STAR Funding factors companies across all industries. Our typical client is a small to medium-sized company in the import/export, wholesale or manufacturing business. We finance most types of merchandise except for perishables or other products with questionable or extended terms or conditions such as consignment sales. Our clients tend to be undercapitalized, fast-growing businesses in a pre-sold position with their customers. We finance start-ups, provided management has a solid resume and business plan. We tend to be transaction- and collateral-oriented, and place less emphasis on the size and makeup of the balance sheet compared with traditional lenders. Our clients look to us for creative, efficient, fast and reliable service. We offer a mix of talents in letters of credit, logistics, finances and manufacturing, all of which come into play when servicing our clients' needs. We are committed to helping our clients be successful in today's competitive marketplace. We can finance transactions as small as $100,000, or greater than $10,000,000. We are fully vertical in our approach to financing the business cycle, including our client's purchase orders, inventory and receivables.

Industries Served: 

Food and Beverage
Service Providers
Small Business
Staffing Agencies
Trucking and Transportation


Collections Services
Credit Reports
Digital Invoice Processing
Online Reporting
Non-Recourse Lending
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