Now you can grow your business confident that cash flow is always maximized customer credit risk is always minimized and you never have to make a collection call again. DSA is a Nationwide Factoring company dedicated to the growth and success of its clients by a specialized system that provides immediate accounts receivable funding, liberal credit risk assessment, generous credit lines and superior collections management. DSA’s mission is to increase client cash flow by leveraging our 20 plus years of factoring experience through DSA’s exclusive sales to freedom program, increasing clients’ sales with little or no risk, reducing aged receivables, providing faster re-orders, immediate cash and fewer bad debt and collection accounts. With over 20 years of working with hundreds of upstarts to mid-level companies, selling and or providing services to both Mom and Pop’s and Fortune 500 companies, DSA understands the current operating environment and challenges facing our clients, and offers the most creative solutions to provide for our clients’ individual financial growth. As a DSA client, you will stay in the driver’s seat, receiving cash while retaining control over your accounts. Having no long term contracts, no minimum invoice amounts, no monthly or yearly dues, DSA’s success is directly tied to meeting and exceeding our client’s financial opportunities. Let us answer your questions regarding the essential benefits of our accounts receivable funding and cash flow financing program, including all costs and ease of start-up.

Industries Served: 

Food and Beverage
Service Providers
Small Business
Staffing Agencies
Trucking and Transportation


Funding in 24 Hours
Collections Services
Digital Invoice Processing
Online Reporting
Non-Recourse Lending
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